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A golden wool and silk rug designed by Jensin Okunishi Studio has small glass cups tipped over on it.


Day 1

When you first unroll your new rug you may notice some lines or creases. This is not a fault in the rug. These lines are normal and are just pressure marks caused by the rug being rolled up whilst in transit. This is similar to when you buy a new shirt which will be creased when you first bring it home from the store. Don’t worry these creases will flatten out and fade over time. You may also notice that your rug has an odor. Sheep naturally coat their wool fiber in a wax called lanolin which has natural antibacterial properties – meaning that bacteria causing odors can’t grow on your rug.

Periodical Care 


Because wool is a natural fiber, it is prone to shedding. After the first few weeks in your home, the shedding will decrease. This does not affect the life of your rug. Vacuum your rug regularly to keep it looking fresh and clean. Do not use a beater or bar attachment or raise it as high as possible.


Sprouts (or threads) that appear longer than the surface of the rug should be trimmed with sharp scissors. Do not pull the fiber out. To promote even wear of the rug surface, rotate periodically.


Wool is naturally water resistant, but it’s also water absorbent. So what does this mean for your wool rug? It’s good news! Water based stains can be easily removed within 15 minutes of the spill. Clean up spills immediately so that the moisture doesn’t set into the rug. If moisture sets into the rug it may cause an odor. A common mistake is placing indoor plants on your handmade rug. Placing potted plants on rugs is inviting trouble since there is a good chance the water and mud may seep through unnoticed and leave marks and dampen the rug.


To clean water based stains and pet stains:


  • Soak up the stain with a dry paper towel. 

  • Mix together 8 parts water and 1 part vinegar.

  • Dampen clean cloth and gently dab up the stain, never rub. 


If the stain has already dried, spray the area with vinegar and water mixture and dab dry. You may want to use additional products to neutralize the odor. 


For stronger stains such as coffee add a small amount of bleach-free detergent to the mixture. Always perform a patch test to assure the rug will not be affected by the chemicals in your detergent. 

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